Welcome to Canada Stucco Systems Ltd.  This is a family owned company with 2 generations of quality craftsmen.  We are fully qualified in all areas of plaster and stucco applications for 46 years, so the older types of stucco and the newer acrylic stucco , EIFS  or   rain screen  are all in practice.  We specialize in all stucco and plaster repairs.

 Why you should choose Stucco..

Stucco works well in a variety of applications ranging from traditional to contemporary.  While much of our work involves giving older homes a facelift, the new construction business is also realizing the advantages and beauty of stucco.  There are many details one can add with trims.  Stucco also complements siding or brick exteriors.  Many commercial locations, such as restaurants and warehouses, are using stucco to cut down on maintenance.

Stucco is a specially formulated mixture with a cement base that is applied by hand or sprayed on to create different colors and textures.  Acrylic stucco is also becoming increasingly popular and creates a nice look.

Portland cement plaster (stucco) is, without a doubt, one of the finest exterior finishes that can be installed on any home or business.  It has so many advantages over any other exterior protections that the few disadvantages are insignificant.

Economical - Stucco can cost less per square yard, including lathing,  than a high-end carpet for your floor.  Considering you will probably replace the carpet several times during the life of the building, stucco exterior seems quite affordable.

Fire-Resistance - Stucco is fire-resistant.  It offers a one hour fire resistance to your home.  This is not possible with most other economical finishes.  Stucco doesn't burn and is excellent protection for you and your family.

Noise-Resistant – Stucco, because of its mass, resists the passage of noise from nearby street much more effectively than other finishes.  Because it seals openings when applied, it seals paths that noise could follow in other types of exterior finishes.

Low Maintenance Cost – Stucco surfaces become soiled, all that’s needed is to wash the surfaces off with a garden hose.  Where stains are tenacious, TSP and a scrub brush will dislodge them.  No peeling or chipping occurs, and colors are relatively permanent.  Stucco can be easily refinished with a  coat of stucco of the same or different color.


Protection and Privacy – Stucco can not be penetrated as easily as other exterior finishes can be.  By the time anyone could make even a small opening in stucco, they would literally be able to demolish a wide opening in other finishes.


Weather – Resistance – Stucco finishes are water and weather-resistant.  Contrary to belief, stucco does NOT allow water to pass through it when properly mixed, applied, and hydrated through moist-curing or acrylic modification.  Extensive testing shows that water is absorbed into about 1/4” of the surface of the stucco – the remaining 1/2” is dry, unaffected by water.  The surface may look “wet” after a rain, but is dries rapidly after rains cease.


Rich, Pleasing Appearance – Genuine stucco finishes offer esthetics that are unparalleled by any other finishes.  Stucco gives that feeling of security and permanence that contributes to personal well being.  Stucco can be molded into any configuration desired and offers performance for the life of the building.  We strive for excellent appearance while maintaining structural integrity, 



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